Hissikonsultit HS Oy

Contact us and make sure that you only use the best expert in the industry to maintain a valuable property

Hissikonsultit HS Oy is Finland's best partner in elevator matters from the design table to implementation and maintenance, whether you represent residential buildings, shopping centres and office buildings, hotels, hospitals and service houses or industry.

We offer expert services with solid experience in matters related to the procurement and maintenance of elevators, escalators, lifting and sliding doors.

We also serve in English.

I will contact us if you are a property owner in Finland with lifts and sliding stairs and when you want good service. We have solid experience in the Finnish elevator market, elevator maintenance, renewers and equipment renovations.

Riku Nevalainen, puh +358 406704808, riku.nevalainen@hissikonsultit.fi

Samu Lindqvist, puh +358 405239715, samu.lindqvist@hissikonsultit.fi

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Suomen Asiakastieto Oy (hereinafter Asiakastieto) has granted the Nordic Growth Certificate and the Finnish Platinum Certificate to Hissikonsultit HS Oy